Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach before a speech? Have you referred to something as a “pain in the neck?” Clearly emotions happen in our body, not just our brain.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) practitioners can find unresolved, negatively charged, emotional responses that are stored in your body and help you release them. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it can dramatically improve your health.

The NET method is a blend of many techniques and principles that make use of the neuro-mechanisms of manual muscle testing, emotions, acupuncture meridian system, reflex points, case history taking and adjustments to the spine. NET does not treat emotions, but rather the bodily complex in which an emotion is a component part.

NET is safe and effective, and is a natural way to instantly resolve longstanding health problems by resolving the emotional components that accompany the physical symptoms.

NET practitioners are almost unlimited in their ability to address physical and behavioral or emotional conditions of all kinds. Examples of conditions that NET practitioners have helped include relieving headaches and body pains of all types and banishing phobias, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, organ dysfunctions and much, much more. It is important to note that NET does not cure or heal the patient. Rather, NET removes blocks to the natural vitality of the body, allowing the body to repair itself.

It is human nature to have an emotional response to significant events in our lives and then return to our “normal” state of being. However, If you’re in a weakened state, due to factors such as stress or physical trauma, everyday emotional responses may not fully resolve as they naturally should. This can have a substantial effect on your health. Later in our lives, when we experience a similar situation, the buried emotional response can return and can result in troubling physical symptoms. NET will help identify old unresolved events (real or imagined) and help your body release its lingering emotional response—and your physical symptoms will disappear. For good!

Neuro Emotional Technique is distinguished from psychotherapy in that it is not a therapy directed to the psyche or for “mental healing.” It does not employ counseling, nor does it advise behavioral changes. It is not a “talk-it-out” cure. It does not teach anything. It does not show one how to learn from one’s life experiences. It is a technique to help one achieve relief from troubling physical symptoms and restore equilibrium to the body. It is safe, effective, and rapid.