Dr. Weeks’ is a board-certified, primary care physician who earned his medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is also board certified in Applied Kinesiology. Dr Weeks believes in treating the whole patient and focusing on the cause of the illness, whether it is structural, nutritional, or emotional. His goal is to help free patients from the burden of present or previous health conditions and to prevent future illness.

Dr. Weeks is trained in a wide variety of diagnostic tools and treatments that make him unique in his field. As well as being a Naturopathic Doctor, he is certified in Applied Kinesiology  and Total Body Modification™.  He has studied Neuro Emotional Technique, and has completed 4 years of training at the New England School of Homeopathy. He has also studied Gonstead chiropractic technique, neural therapy and dried blood cell analysis.

Dr. Weeks was introduced to alternative medicine at an early age. He and his family lived in Katmandu, Nepal and he accompanied his mother in visiting a traditional Tibetan healer who used pulse and iris diagnosis. He was introduced to Applied Kinesiology by a skilled chiropractor, who successfully treated him for a chronic shoulder injury that he discovered was related to a food sensitivity.  He adopted the recommended eating plan and made other life style changes that contributed to his health and well-being.. As an amateur kick boxer in Las Vegas, he found that he was able to heal and recover more quickly from injuries than his colleagues.  His own healing experiences led him to investigate naturopathy and motivated him to enter the profession and become skilled in a wide range of advanced techniques so that he could help others find and maintain their optimal health.

Dr. Weeks currently resides in Porto, Portugal

Member of The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology

Faculty member Costa Rican School of Massage Therapy

Team physician for Team KWC cycling team

Consulting physician for WellnessFX