neural therapy

Often referred to as “German Acupuncture”, Neural Therapy is a treatment system for chronic pain and illness. It involves the injection of local anesthetics into autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves, scars, glands, trigger points, and other tissues. It is believed to act through normalizing the illness-related dysfunction of the nervous system. A correctly administered Neural Therapy injection can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic longstanding illness and chronic pain.

An estimated 35 percent of all West German physicians use Neural Therapy to some extent, and in the rest of the western world it has become one of the most widely used modalities in the treatment of chronic pain and intractable illness. However, Neural Therapy, as a comprehensive healing system, is virtually unknown to most practitioners in the US. Here in the US, “trigger point injections” are commonly used for pain based on the work of Janet Travell, M.D. It is not widely known but Dr. Travell, who treated President Kennedy for chronic back pain, learned about trigger points while studying in Germany. She then returned home to write the reference book widely used in the United States on Trigger Point injections.

Trigger Point injections, however, are just one type of Neural Therapy. Neural Therapy is also often very effective for other medical illnesses such as allergies, chronic bowel problems, kidney disease, prostate and female problems, infertility, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and many other conditions. Typically, three to six treatments are the average number to achieve lasting resolution of a chronic condition. Sometimes one treatment will resolve the problem. More often, only a partial improvement follows each treatment leading to a gradual resolution of the dysfunction and a return to optimal health.