Morwakee Hilltribe

Morwkee Mobile Clinicby Dr. Shannon WeeksMy wife Dr. Alexis Shields and I had the opportunity to treat a hill tribe village in Northern Thailand. The people of this village were
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Million Dollar Adjustment.

I had the privilege of being back on my friend Johnny's podcast recently. Johnny was interested in finding out what kind of treatments I did, so we scheduled a session
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Podcast Follow Up

Our friend Johnny does a quick follow up a few weeks after our first podcast. Life's been good to us in Chiang Mai! [youtube][/youtube]
Healthy Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.4- Going Out

  [youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube] Eating out can often be a challenge for people who are starting out on a Paleo diet. Going out to eat is one of my favorite things to

Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.3- Eggs

    Eggs have been getting some press lately because of a new study out of Canada published in the journal Atherosclerosis. The summary of the study was this: Our findings suggest that regular
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Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.2- The Bagel

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube] According to Dr. Davis, author of  "Wheat Belly", modern wheat is a "perfect chronic poison." and I couldn't agree more. I've mentioned his book before but it bears repeating. If
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Blood Sugar Tuesdays

[youtube width="525" height="344"][/youtube]   Maintaing healthy blood sugars is key to good health. I have found that stabilizing blood sugar is the first step in healing people of chronic ailments. Unfortunately  so much