Eggs have been getting some press lately because of a new study out of Canada published in the journal Atherosclerosis. The summary of the study was this:

Our findings suggest that regular consumption of egg yolk should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease. This hypothesis should be tested in a prospective study with more detailed information about diet, and other possible confounders such as exercise and waist circumference.

The media quickly picked up on this article and claimed that eating eggs was as bad for your heart as smoking. The preposterousness of this claim has unfortunately led to new confusion as to whether or not we should be eating eggs. If you’re intertested in reading about how ridiculous the idea of eggs causing heart disease is, there is a good dissection of the study here.
There is a litmus test you can apply to food and to “new” nutrition research and it is this: If the food in question has been in our diet for millions of years, you can assume it’s safe (protein, fat, EGGS, vegetables, fruits, etc.). If it is a rather new addition to our food chain (margarine, dairy, grains anything that sits on a shelf in a supermarket) you should avoid it.
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    2 replies to "Blood Sugar Tuesdays Ep.3- Eggs"

    • Paula Sachar

      Thank you for more clarity on the egg issue, however, you advise against using “new products” like margarine and dairy, are a little concerning. I switched to “flora” (alternative to butter) some years ago due to heart disease in the family, it contains less fat and has added omega 3. Surely some new products available at the supermarket are resultant from years of research and can’t all be bad for you?

      • Dr. Shannon Weeks

        Hi Paula,

        Unfortunately the man made fats such as “flora” actually contribute to heart disease. These products are marketed under the false assumption that fat and cholesterol causes heart disease- this is patently false. Butter is actually quite healthy for you and is the only dairy product I recommend because it contains almost no casein or lactose, both of which are very hard on our digestive system. Heart disease is a disease of inflammation, and artificial, man-made, poly-unsaturated fats such as “flora” are part of the problem- not animal fat. My advice to you is to chuck the “flora” and go back to eating real butter.

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