Often times when talking about food and health issues the question the often comes up is: “why have I never heard about that?”  While the diet fads and research come and go, the truths about health have always remained the same.  I’ll be posting some of my favorite quotes from the past on this blog about nutrition and health to give people an idea of how long theses ideas have been around.  Here’s one of my favorites from Dr. Royal Lee, a true pioneer in health and nutrition.

“Candy, all white sugar or its products, and white flour including its products such as macaroni, spaghetti, crackers, etc., should be absolutely barred from the diet of the child. All these are energy-producing foods that contain no building materials for the body. The consequences of their toleration are susceptibility to infections, enlarged tonsils, carious teeth, unruly dispositions, stunted growth, rickets, maldevelopment and very often permanent damage to many organs of the body (especially the endocrine glands) that depend upon the vitamin supply for their normal function and development.”

Oct 2, 1933

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