It is not uncommon for patients to show up in my office with a list of symptoms and medications a yard long.  Where does one start in addressing the cause of so many symptoms?  For me it starts with the diet.  In fact, except for acute cases, I rarely send anyone home with supplements or medication after the first visit. I request that for the first two weeks of treatment they eat a “clean” diet.  What usually happens is the list of symptoms goes from a yard long to a foot long. From here it makes it much easier to treat the patient.  I have often said that if people didn’t eat the typical American diet my practice would consist of only acutes because most chronic ailments can be cured or greatly improved simply by what we eat.  So what do I recommend?  Here’s a little video courtesy of my friend Derek Andre that explains the diet well.


    21 replies to "Cavemen Don’t Get Fibromyalgia"

    • Dr. Adam Sheck

      Thanks for a great (and fun video). I keep trying to eat cleaner and cleaner. I’ve been blending green smoothies for the past month or so each day. Haven’t quite mastered them, think it’s an acquired taste (though I can tolerate it) and looking forward to feeling the results.

    • Caroline Mukisa

      I’ve been following the “4 Hour Body” diet for the past 2 months. It’s based on the Paleo/slow carb model. I’ve found that as well as losing weight, I have more energy and find it hard to consume carb on the mandatory day off each week.

      The video explains the reasons for a Paleo diet in a clear and concise way. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dr Justin Morse

      Dr. Weeks,
      How have you been? I love the video. Simple, yet effective and to the point. As a Type I diabetic, following the Paleo diet keeps my blood sugar levels balanced and my need for insulin is very low! Everyone should eat like this and especially diabetics!

    • Lenka Dresselhaus

      Great video! It’s amazing how quickly the body responds when given the right foods 🙂

    • Maggie Lancy

      Hi Dr Shannon Weeks,

      Thanks for the information.

      I have some great information about Fibromyalgia.
      Dr Strands wife had it.

      I know you would enjoy reading about it.

      Nutritionals are important as well as eating right.
      Thanks for sharing

    • Dr. Weeks,

      Simply, eye opening. I have travel around the globe, and never gave it another thought. I stayed active, up until now. With disc associated issues. Working it out, with diet and other methods.

      WOW! We always new something about this in New England. Our produce is grown on our lands, and local farms. Free of pills, and interference of companies. That company, is controlling Cambridge?

      This is awakening, yet nothing new to us, who see unlimited people aware, yet they do not care! It shows in the US, with being overweight is the thing. It is frightening, with six year old children. They are huge, over 156lbs, and more. Wearing grown men’s, and ladies clothes. Their families, just keep on feeding them junk. I guess junk in, and you know what comes out.

      Thank you for this post. I have linked in, and will be following, with spreading the love. I will get more people in New England, to visit your site. They need this, eye opening, information.


      • Dr. Shannon Weeks

        Dear William,

        This is certainly not new information, but you’re right- it’s certainly not in the main stream mindset and completely opposite of the USDA food pyramid. You’re fortunate to be living in an area with great organic farmers and food culture. Thanks’s for the comment!

    • Lesly Federici

      Hi Shannon,
      Great post and the video really tells the story. What is your “clean” diet and what do you tell people to eat who can’t afford organic foods? I’m in New Jersey and there is an increase in $1:00 meals from McDonald’s, etc. Great to connect with you through TSA!

      • Dr. Shannon Weeks

        Dear Lesly,

        A clean diet simply means eating real, unprocessed foods such as meat, vegetables and fruit. It’s true that organic food is more expensive, however in the long run being sick is much more expensive. The true cost of eating at McDonald’s is much higher than the advertised cost of a meal. Diabetes, heart diseases, cancer etc. are very expensive to treat. However, if there are not organic choices, then just do your best and wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them to get rid of as much pesticide residue as possible.

    • Rick Salas

      Hi Dr. Shannon, great video and says alot about what really is going on with food and how to live a healthy life. I have found your blog to have so much information that really helps people live a long healthier life.

      Rick Salas

    • Bryan McHeyzer

      Hi Dr Shannon,
      Love the video presentation…evey effective.

      So true …your comment to Lesly above about the cost of eating at McDonald…heart disease, diabeties etc.

      I read somewhere recently where the next generation is going to die lot younger then us thanks to our current dietary habits.

      Organically grown food is now being sold even in supermarkets here in Australia…starting to gain popularity.

      Great video and post.

    • Rick Salas

      Thanks for sharing this info on having a clean diet. I try to have a good diet but sometimes I just think it’s too difficult. So much bad stuff out there. Thanks for sharing this info and I’ll get better with great posts like this.Have a great day Dr. Shannon.

      Rick Salas

    • Jaclyn Castro

      It’s really great to meet you Dr. Weeks. The picture of the fish around 1 min 30 seconds really threw me off. This is definitely NOT new information but to think that we may be eating fish coming from a source like that is almost unbelievable.

      So, even if I’ve heard and read about the way our diets have evolved (caveman days to fast food/convenience food days), watching this fun video made me think even moreso about the choices of food I will be making more often than not.

      I have a tiny background of some nutrition but nothing was taught in this light of how or WHY to best select our diets for our meals.

      This is definitely something I will be plastering all over the internet and sharing with my friends and family. I believe it will be an eye opener when it comes to deciding what to put in their bodies. It’s almost a no-brainer.

      Only thing is, HOW is the best way to plan a really great meal for us? I know which foods are good and which are not so good, but I don’t know HOW to shop. Example, when I go to the grocery store, I know there is the health food aisle, etc. The problem is, I feel overwhelmed with all the choices and since I go without a list it makes my shopping experience worse.

      Do you have any recommendations on how to shop so that when I get home and prepare a meal I will know that all the foods I’ve purchased is better for my family’s bodies than something at Wendy’s…

      Would love to know your comments.

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us Dr. Weeks! I really enjoyed it.

      • Dr. Shannon Weeks

        Dear Jacyln,

        I recommend keeping it simple. The real “health food aisle”s are the ones with the vegetables, fruits and the butcher counter. If you can recognize it in it’s whole form, you’re probably safe.

    • Mattgeib

      Dr. Shannon:

      Excellent video to illustrate well HOW we should be eating for optimum health. To me, eating is like all things in life a ‘Conscious Choice’ that I Control.
      For years I paid no mind to what into my body, However now I do & it has made a big difference for me In proper weight, feeling more energetic, & just overall better self esteem & a better outlook on life. Thanks for this important reminder. As the saying goes ‘We Are What we Eat.”


    • Jaden Daniels

      Dr. Weeks,
      I have cut out white bread, white rice, and fatty meats. I know I need to cut out more, but until we get moved to plant a garden. And I would like to find organic meats.
      The video was an eye opener.


    • Dena-Lynn

      Hi Dr. Weeks,

      As a person who has lived with MS for over 20 years I have personal experience with the benefit of focusing on a healthy diet to manage my illness as opposed to ingesting a multitude of medications that only mask symptoms. Unfortunately, I earned the label of being “non compliant” because of my choices. But that’s okay – because I know that in the long run I am doing what is best for my body. Sadly, there are not enough medical professionals who are open to natural healing and medicine. I’m so glad that I came across your blog and look forward to becoming a frequent visitor here.

      Dena 🙂

    • Deb Augur

      Hi Dr. Shannon,

      This is absolutely fantastic! Love the title of your post and the video is awesome. The old saying, You are what you eat,” is true.

      It’s just amazing to compare the present day eating habits with the “caveman era.” Not only did he eat so totally differently but think about all the exercise he got by getting his food! There’s a whole lot to be said about that, as well.

      Love coming to your blog and reading your posts where the Truth! is told. Very nicely done.

    • Suzanne

      Thanks for your great site. I have fibromyalgia and know that I need to change my diet to help myself feel better. My chiropractor had mentioned the paleo diet to me but didn’t have any resources. I get the concept but wonder if you have or could recommend an actual diet outline or book. I am mostly worried that I won’t be able to make these drastic changes — that the bad-food addictions will win — so I want to start armed with as much information as possible.
      Thanks so much!

      p.s. I live in Tennessee, but found your site via a friend who is a patient of yours.

    • Sharon Johnson

      Good Day Dr, Shannon
      I loved the video, and we all need to change the why we think about what foods to eat. That was such a in your face video.
      Thank You
      Sharon Johnson recently posted..Starting Over On Internet MarketingMy Profile

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